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Here in the Pacific Northwest, the dry and sunny months make for beautiful golfing weather–but unfortunately it doesn’t last very long. The rainy season is less than ideal for practice, and who likes to play golf with numb hands in the pouring rain? Avoid a wet drive on the golf course, losing balls, and a soggy putting green. Get your game on all year by heading inside at Evergreen Golf Club! Our mission is to promote the game of golf by providing year-round training for golfers of all skill levels.


So what makes Evergreen Golf Club stand out from other clubs? In our thirteen-thousand-square-foot facility, we provide you with the tools you need to improve your golf skills. With eight Trackman simulators installed–which use Doppler radar and camera data technology–you will experience an accurate, immersive game on the golf course indoors. In our short game complex, we have a chipping green, 7 hole locations, 5 chipping bays and a bunker (with actual sand). Track your performance on the putting green with PuttView, technology that scans our synthetic green area, projecting ball tracking, contours, the ideal lines for aim, and more to refine your technique with real-time data. EGC is unique from other clubs because of its numerous features–all under one roof. 

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Our thirteen-thousand-square-foot facility will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to improve your golf skills. With Trackman and About Golf simulators installed – which use Doppler radar and camera technology – you will receive accurate data and an immersive course experience indoors. In our short game complex, we have a chipping green and sand bunker (with actual sand) to work on your up and down saves. Our Puttview technology scans our synthetic putting green, projecting contours, ideal lines for aiming, ball tracing, and more to help get you sinking more putts on the greens!
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EGC is excited to partner with Golfletica for golf fitness and sports rehabilitation. The Golfletica staff works with all kinds of athletes from across the Pacific Northwest, United States, and Canada–from beginner to PGA pro–giving you healing methods that work. You don’t have to worry about your possible results again by relying on their certified chiropractic physicians and personal trainers. Golfletica will help you heal in your downtime and recovery, avoiding more complications or permanent harm in the process by getting strong through the training they provide. Golfletica helps athletes recover from common and complex incidents with certified specialists. There’s no better team of people to take care of your health and help you play the game of golf to the best of your ability.

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