Women's SPRING session - $225

Get ready to swing into winter with our exclusive Winter Session specially designed for ladies! With only 8 spots available, this is your chance to get your golf skills up to par during the rainy months. Over the course of 6 weeks, our 75-minute sessions, will cover a wide range of essential topics, including putting, short game, bunker play, full swing irons, full swing woods, recovery shots, and even virtual on-course play. Grab a friend and meet us on the (indoor/covered) course! We are offering Level 1: Intro to Golf, as well as, Level 2: For Beginners/Intermediate. Session starts week of April 9!



Who is this class for?

This program is geared towards ladies who have zero to limited experience in the game. Whether you are looking to get started with golf, or have goals of improving your fundamentals – this session will help build a great foundation of golf skills. The primary focus here is to help to build an understanding of the fundamentals in each aspect of the game. This program will also include implementing skills into different practice games and situations.

What should i expect to learn?

Expect to learn the basic fundamentals of putting, chipping, full swing (irons, woods and driver). Our goal is to develop a great foundation for you to feel comfortable taking out to the practice range and golf course! 

Once I complete level 1, do I automatically move on to Level 2?

This certainly depends on the player. Building the foundational skills of golf is incredibly important. Most of the skills covered in the program will not and do not go out of style even as players become more advanced. Some players may want to repeat Level 1 several times to nail down the fundamentals, others may be ready for more high level strategy/ skill development in Level 2. We recommend asking your coach for feedback before moving on to Level 2. 

Geared for ladies who want to get started on their golf game.

We provide instruction and clear goals to help you hit the target every time.

This course will give you the all the fundamental tools you need.

Through Level 1: Intro to Golf, we'll get you ready for the course!



Who is this class for?

This class is for the golfer who has either graduated from our Level 1 class, or who has some basic experience in golf (and on the golf course) and who has goal of building upon the foundation. Situational practice and skill development will help players to transfer their skills from the practice area to the golf course. This program is designed to get you ready to take on the course!

Who is this class for?

Expect to build off of the basic skills and fundamentals of golf and dive deeper into the specifics of each part of the game. This session will cover more specific situational techniques and strategies to help navigate around the course. Expect to be ready to take on 9 holes on the golf course by the end of this session!

Can I take this class series more than once?

Yes, in fact we encourage repeating this program! We think there are many benefits to repeating Level 2. No two sessions will be exactly alike and will all have the same objective- to gain confidence and understanding in your golf game. 

Geared for ladies who have experience and want to go deeper into golf.

You will build fundamentals tools and dive deep into specifics of the game.

This course will guide you through situational techniques on the course.

At the end of Level 2: Train to Play, we're playing 9 holes on the course!


We don’t currently have any sessions open for registration, but we will soon! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates on upcoming Women’s Sessions.

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