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Welcome to Evergreen Junior Golf Camps! We’re excited to offer an unforgettable experience for young elementary-aged golfers. Our 4-day camps are held Monday – Thursday from 9:30am-12:00pm at our incredible indoor facility Evergreen Golf Club in Redmond, Washington. Your child will have the opportunity to learn from experienced golf instructors in a fun and engaging environment. At Evergreen Junior Golf Camps, our goal is to introduce kids to the game of golf and help them develop their skills. Our instructors are highly experienced and passionate about golf and love sharing their knowledge with young players. They’ll work with your child on everything from basic golf fundamentals to more advanced techniques.

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We believe that learning should be fun. Our instructors use a variety of teaching methods to keep kids interested and motivated, so they can enjoy the learning process and build their skills at the same time. Our junior golf camps are perfect for kids who are looking to learn a new sport, improve their game, or just have fun. 



If you have an older golfer who would like to learn more about summer activities at Evergreen, email us at [email protected].

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Whether your child is a complete beginner or has some experience with golf, our camps are designed to help them grow and develop their skills. In addition to learning and playing golf, your child will have the opportunity to make new friends and build their confidence on the course. We believe that golf is more than just a game – it’s a lifelong pursuit that can teach kids important values like sportsmanship, perseverance, and respect.


Each week, our camp will hold 21 Junior Golfers.

Make sure to bring your clubs, a water bottle, and a hearty snack.

There will be parts of the facility still available to our members, but the Juniors will have plenty of space to practice throughout the entire facility. 

Parents are welcome to hangout in our parent lounge and pop in to the main area to see all the activities.

We recommend elementary aged, ranging from 5-12 years old.  If you have an older child who is interested in summer activities at Evergreen, email us at [email protected].

These camps are designed for kids who are brand new to golf, or are still learning the basics. The week will be focused on introducing your child to golf and growing their love for the game. 

You can cancel at anytime, however, cancellations less than 1 month prior to the camp start date will not be refunded. 

Please note that if you cannot make all of the four camp days, you will still be responsible for paying for the whole week. 

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